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Best accessory for the new iPhone 5

The Yofo is the only all-in-one iPhone, Droid, smart phone, iPod, iPad, tablet + Kindle accessory. The ergonomic Yofo allows your electronic device to perform to its maximum ability. This innovative solution protects your smartphone / mobile device and eliminates the awkward iPhone death grip. Suction the Yofo to the back and never drop your device again!

The Yofo is the most diverse phone accessory on the market! This multi functional phone accessory can be used as a Grip, Stand, Mount, Game accessory and Headphone Wrap. The one hand grip allows for easier texting, confident phone photography, easy face timing and comfortable navigation. Use the Yofo as an iPhone, Droid, smartphone or iPod stand and enjoy easy viewing of TV shows or videos on the device. The iPhone, Droid, smartphone, iPad, Kindle and iPod stand may also be used as a pedestal to keep your device elevated off the surface, safe from spills + grime. Suction the Yofo to your car window, dashboard (stickers included) or windshield and use it as an iPhone mount, which enables you to use the speaker phone function or GPS hands free. The Yofo is essential for Video Gamers and can greatly improve game playing on your iPhone, iPod touch, Droid or iPad. To use the Yofo as a headphone wrap, insert the jack end of your headphones through the Yofo hole and wrap it like a yo-yo. Never deal with tangled or knotted headphones again!

The sleek Yofo is a great Gift for iPhone / smartphone users, a friend or a co-worker. Smartphone, Droid, Kindle, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch accessories, such as the Yofo, are an ideal stocking stuffer. The Yofo is such a unique accessory, people love receiving it as a gift! Buy the Yofo now and take advantage of the special introductory price. Each Yofo box comes with one Yofo in either Black or White and two Yofo stickers. International shipping is now available!

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