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Cost Fairness

  • If the risk of the community is lower than the national average, I can get money back
    I can get up to 75% of my fee back.
  • If the risk of insurance clients is lower than national average, I get nothing back. I get no refund.
  • I can win even without having an accident.
  • I always loose except when I have an accident.
  • I just Pay Rs. 250/year
  • I pay 10s of thousands every year

At Yofo, we believe members shall pay only for real risk, not for ones that never happened.

We don't like insurance approach of taking a customer premium and never giving it back, it only creates extra profit for the insurance, nothing for the customer.

Also, we believe that when members behave responsibly, they produce low risk and the money is saved thanks to them, hence we like to have this saved money return to the members.