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1. How much do I need to pay to join the online mutual aid ?

When joining, there are two modes, one is to pre-deposit a small amount of money, such as Rs. 250 yuan, and the other is to join without pre-depositing, such as Yofo Mutual Club. As for how much money will be spent in the follow-up, it is not fixed. When a mutual aid event occurs, it needs to be apportioned and deducted from each member account. The cost shared by most platforms is generally no more than Rs. 30 per person each time.

2. What are the conditions for joining online mutual aid?

To join different mutual aid programs, there will be different age restrictions. You must be in good health and not suffer from major diseases stipulated by the mutual aid platform. For example: to join the mutual aid platform of Yofo, as long as you are an Indian citizen aged 30 days to 70 years old, in good health, and have not suffered from major diseases such as cancer, heart-attack, or similar chronic diseases. You can recharge Rs. 250 to become a plan member, and you can get up to 15 lacs mutual aid funds.

3. o I need a physical examination before joining the network mutual aid?

No, it is generally an "after-the-fact" review, and when applying for mutual assistance, the platform will investigate whether members meet the health conditions at the beginning of joining. Secondly, there is a 365-day observation period for joining the mutual aid plan (a few mutual aid plans are different). If a member is diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer during the observation period, the mutual aid platform will not initiate mutual aid for him.

4. Join multiple online mutual aid platforms, can the mutual aid funds overlap?

Yes, the essence of online mutual aid is a kind of mutual aid behaviour. Members also enjoy the right to mutual aid while completing their obligations. As long as the materials you provide are true and pass the platform's review, the platform can help initiate mutual fundraising. At present, no platform specifically emphasizes that overlapping is not allowed.

5. Is the compensation for online mutual aid paid in full?

When a mutual aid event occurs, the mutual aid amount is shared by members. The more members there are, the greater the possibility of obtaining the highest mutual aid amount. The final amount of mutual aid funds will depend on platform user holdings and if it does not reach the corresponding maximum limit, the final actual amount of mutual aid funds raised shall prevail.

6. If I have already received the mutual aid fund, can I still enjoy the mutual aid guarantee?

Different program requirements are not the same, according to specific circumstances. If it is a personal mutual aid plan, after obtaining mutual aid, you can no longer enjoy protection, and at the same time, you cannot join again. If it is an accidental mutual aid plan, its mutual aid can be accumulated.

7. I already have Government Insurance schemes and medical insurance, can I still join the mutual aid network?

75% people in India still pay healthcare expenses from their pocket. The Government and Medical insurance still don’t cover the cost at times. Social protection can help you in those times. It is impossible to meet the needs of every member of society. The basic design principle of medical insurance is low-level and wide coverage. Although almost everyone has social basic medical insurance, the protection is not high. When serious diseases come, the role of medical insurance is even more limited. And join the network mutual aid, members can help each other, share risks, each member can obtain higher protection at low cost.

8. If I have purchased commercial insurance, will there be conflicts if I join the online mutual aid?

The two do not conflict. Internet mutual aid and commercial insurance should be said to be complementary, and one person can buy multiple types of protection. Let yourself enjoy double protection is not a bad idea. Online mutual aid can be regarded as a kind of public welfare undertaking, and helping others can also help oneself.

9. Why is it said that joining a mutual aid plan with a healthy body is the greatest capital?

The cost of joining the mutual aid plan is low, and it is undoubtedly the best choice. If one person is sick, everyone will share it equally. But if you don't have a healthy body, you usually can't join the mutual aid plan. Therefore, it is said that a healthy body is the greatest capital for joining a mutual aid plan.

10. Why do you say that the mutual aid plan protects both yourself and your family?

At present, the incidence of major diseases such as cancer in India is increasing, and individuals and families are under tremendous pressure. However, the medical security system is not perfect, and the society urgently needs more assistance and security methods. Join the mutual aid plan, and when the observation period expires and suffers from a serious illness or accident, members collectively raise funds for the recipients, which can reduce the financial burden of the recipients and support the family.

11. What are the security measures taken by the platform?

We will be using blockchain technology to store the documents to ensure that they can’t be altered and for faster claim process. The money will be held in the escrow account and we will publish the audit report regularly.

12. What happens when any claim is rejected?

The claimant can apply for arbitration and the independent jury will decide the case by decentralized voting.