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Yofo Mutual Aid Privacy Policy

Dear user: Thank you for your trust in Yofo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Yofo ", or " we "). In order to help you understand our rules for processing and protecting personal information, we have formulated the "Yofo Privacy Policy" (" Privacy Policy "). Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, especially the content in bold. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact us through the contact information in Section 10 of this Privacy Policy.

 This privacy policy applies to the "Yofo" developed by us and our affiliated companies (collectively referred to as " Yofo ") through the official website of Yofo (https://www.yofo.com), based on Android (Android) system and iOS system The products and services provided to you by the application program (APP), and related WhatsApp, Facebook and other public accounts and webpages of Yofo Mutual Assistance. In order to better provide you with considerate services, we may collect and use your relevant information when you use our products or services. Yofo Mutual Aid attaches great importance to the privacy of users and the protection of personal information. We hope to explain to you through this Privacy Policy how we collect, use, store, share and transfer this information when you use our products or services, as well as the information we provide to you. How to access, update, delete and protect this information.

This Privacy Policy will help you understand the following:

1. What information do we collect

(a) Information related to the realization of the basic functions of Yofo Mutual Assistance

When you choose to join Yofo and become a registered member, we will collect information that you actively provide when using the service or that is generated by your use of the service in the following ways to provide you with the aforementioned services, optimize our services and protect you account security:

  • When you register a Yofo account through different channels, we may collect your mobile phone number or obtain your region, gender, WhatsApp Handle, Number, nickname. The purpose of collecting this information is to help you complete the registration of the Yofo account and to keep your account safe. When you choose to join the mutual aid plan, we will collect information that was not collected during registration, including your name, mobile phone number, ID, Email.  If you refuse to provide this information, you may not be able to register a Yofo account normally, nor can you enjoy services on our platform.
  • When a mutual aid event that meets the mutual aid conditions occurs among mutual aid members, you can apply for mutual aid funds. At that time, we will collect the application materials you voluntarily provide (including ID photos, life photos, mutual assistance application form, medical record homepage, admission records, discharge records, operation records, pathology reports, intraoperative pathology, inspection reports, disability identification, experience report, medical invoice, power of attorney, trustee relationship certificate), face recognition information of the beneficiary, bank account information of the member applying for mutual aid or related beneficiaries, and the trustor. We will verify your eligibility to apply for mutual aid based on the information you provide in order to issue mutual aid to you and better protect the rights of you and other mutual aid members. If you refuse to provide this information, we will not be able to approve your mutual aid application and issue mutual aid funds.
  • We may check with other third parties to investigate whether the mutual assistance incident you claimed is true. In this case, we may collect relevant information that you keep in our affiliated companies, and we may also ask administrative agencies, judicial agencies, credit reporting agencies, medical institutions, background investigation companies and other natural persons who legally know and have relevant information, Legal persons and other organizations collect or inquire about relevant information. You agree that we collect and inquire about your identity, property, and health status information from the above-mentioned institutions to verify whether you are eligible for mutual aid funds, prevent illegal activities such as fraud, and reduce credit risks.

(b) Information related to improving and optimizing services and ensuring account security

When you use our products and services, we may collect information related to the location of your device, such as IP address, geographic location information (if you log in through WhatsApp and open location permissions) , browser information, click URL addresses and their usage when browsing our products and service functions or pages, and when you use our products and services through APP, including International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), network device address (MAC), device model Information related to the software and hardware features and device environment information of the device you are using, including the system version number, is used to count the number of users of our products, analyze the usage status of the product, troubleshoot the cause of crashes, and reduce crashes, so as to continuously improve us The product. The above information does not involve your personal identity and other private information.

(3) Information collected using cookies and similar technologies

In order to ensure the normal operation of our website, provide you with an easier access experience, and recommend content that you may be interested in, we will place secure cookies and related technologies (collectively referred to as "Cookies") on your computer or mobile device. information. A cookie is a small text file placed by the website server on the client (your computer, mobile phone or other smart terminal) when you browse the web, storing some information related to the user's visit to the website. Cookies help us:

  • Provide you with services according to the personalized settings of the service style and appearance you want;
  • Ensure the security of data and services, and check for cheating, hacking, and fraud targeting our products and services;
  • Avoid unnecessary server load, improve service efficiency, save resources and energy;
  • Understand how you use our services, in order to improve the user experience of our products and services, and provide reference data for the development of new products or functions;
  • Improve the attractiveness of advertisements to users and the value of advertisement services to advertisers and publishers, and display advertisements that you may be interested in on our website or software.
  • If your browser or browser add-ons allow, you can modify the acceptance of cookies or reject our cookies. However, if you do so, it may affect your safe access to our website in some cases, and you may need to change user settings every time you visit our website.

2. How we use your information

  • In order to protect the interests of you and all mutual members, we may verify your identity, property information and health information with credit agencies, medical institutions and other third-party institutions, including but not limited to identity documents, bank accounts, mobile phone numbers and Face recognition information to ensure the authenticity of mutual aid applications. When you apply for a mutual aid fund, we may also entrust an investigation company to verify whether the mutual aid event you claim is true. The above-mentioned third-party agencies may use the information provided by you or legally collected by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy to verify and determine whether you are eligible for mutual aid funds, so as to prevent illegal activities such as fraud and reduce credit risks.
  • In order to protect the transparency of the mutual aid project and the interests of all mutual aid members, when a mutual aid event occurs, we will submit your mutual aid application materials, including your identity information, medical information, mutual aid event The process and details of the occurrence are announced to all members, so that the distribution of mutual aid funds is supervised by all members. We will pay you the mutual aid fund after the publicity is passed. After the publicity period, we will stop the publicity and take confidentiality measures for your mutual aid application materials.
  • Based on your account information, device information, and information about using our services, collect statistics and understand your use of our services, improve the design and functions of our products and services, optimize user experience, and respond to your inquiries based on the contact information you provide. You make necessary phone calls or SMS notifications.
  • In order to improve the security of your use of the services provided by us, our affiliated companies, and partners, protect the personal and property safety of you or other users or the public from infringement, and better prevent phishing websites, fraud, network vulnerabilities, and computer viruses , network attack, network intrusion and other security risks, and to more accurately identify violations of laws and regulations or related agreement rules of Yofo Mutual Assistance, we may use or integrate your account information, device information, application usage information and our affiliated companies and partners Obtain information that you authorize or share as required by law.
  • In order to recommend our products, health products, mutual aid community information and other products or services that you may be interested in, we may use our products and services according to your use, including through your exercise information, reading information, The symptoms provided during the consultation, combined with your use of the services of our affiliated companies, extract characteristics such as your interests, preferences, consumption, and service needs, and conduct indirect crowd portraits based on feature tags, and show and push us and our associations to you The company and its partners provide marketing information for products or services. We may also contact you by text message or phone call based on the contact information you provide, and recommend products or services that you may be interested in provided by us, our affiliated companies and partners. If you refuse to accept SMS or telemarketing, you can unsubscribe from our SMS or telemarketing information according to the instructions in the text message or phone call.
  • If we use information for other purposes not specified in this policy, or use information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, we will seek your consent in advance.

3. Exceptions to Authorization and Consent

According to relevant laws and regulations, the collection of your personal information in the following situations does not require your authorization and consent:

  • Related to national security and national defense security;
  • Related to public security, public health, or major public interests;
  • Related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of judgments;
  • For the purpose of safeguarding the major legal rights and interests of the personal information subject or other individuals such as life and property, but it is difficult to obtain your consent;
  • The collected personal information is disclosed to the public by yourself;
  • Collect personal information from legally disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels;
  • It is necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of the products or services provided, such as discovering and handling product or service failures;
  • Necessary for legal news reporting;
  • It is necessary for academic research institutions to carry out statistical or academic research based on public interests, and when providing academic research or description results to the outside world, de-identify the personal information contained in the results;
  • Other situations stipulated by laws, regulations or national standards.

4. How do we store your personal information

  1. Personal information we collect and generate within India will be stored within the India.
  2. We only store your personal information for the period necessary for the purpose of this policy and within the time limit required by laws and regulations.
  3. If we stop operating the products or services of Yofo, we will stop the activities of continuing to collect your personal information in a timely manner, and will notify of the cessation of operation in the form of an announcement. At the same time, delete or anonymize the personal information we store.

5. How do we share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information

(1) Sharing

We will not share your personal information with any company, organization or individual, except in the following cases:

  • With your express consent, we will share your personal information with other parties.
  • We may share your personal information externally in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, the needs of litigation dispute resolution, or the legal requirements of administrative and judicial authorities.
  • To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, it is necessary to share your personal information in order to protect us, our affiliated companies or partners, you or other Yofo users or the public interests, property or safety from damage.
  • Sharing with our affiliated companies: In order for us to recommend or provide you with Yofo-related products and services based on your Yofo account, and to prevent fraud and security risks, we may share your personal information with our affiliated companies. However, we will only share necessary personal information, and the use of your personal information by affiliated companies is subject to this Privacy Policy, or the privacy policy of affiliated companies that provide your personal information with substantially the same level of protection as this Privacy Policy with your authorization and consent (You can check the privacy policy applicable to the related products of Yofo Group on the relevant application or our official website). We and our affiliated companies will strictly abide by Yofo Group's personal information and data security protection systems and policies.
  • (1)Sharing with third-party partners: We may entrust third-party partners to process personal information on our behalf, or share your personal information with our business partners. However, we will only share your personal information for legal, legitimate, and necessary purposes, and will only share personal information necessary to provide services. Unless you otherwise authorize and agree, our partners have no right to use the shared personal information for any other purpose. Our partners include the following types:
  • (1) Service providers who provide technical and consulting services. We may share your personal information with third-party service providers who support us in providing services. These service providers include institutions that provide us with infrastructure technical services, data processing, verification, investigation, credit review, risk control and customer service. However, we require these service providers to only use your information for the purpose of providing services to us, and not to use your information for their own interests.
  • (2) Authorized partners for advertising and analysis services. We will not share your personal information with third-party advertisers, analysis service providers (such as application traffic monitoring service providers) or other partners unless you have obtained your explicit authorization and consent. We may provide these partners with aggregated information, anonymized information or other information that will not identify you personally, but will not share any of your identity information, account information or other identifiable information. For example, third-party SDKs may be embedded in our products to collect statistics on users' habits or preferences in using applications, or clicks to access advertisements. From time to time, we will conduct technical testing and behavioral audits on these partners to ensure that they collect and use data in accordance with laws, regulations, and contracts.
(2) Transfer

We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual, except in the following cases:

  • Obtain your explicit consent or authorization in advance;
  • Provide according to applicable laws and regulations, requirements of legal procedures, mandatory administrative or judicial requirements;
  • Provided in accordance with the relevant agreements signed with you (including electronic agreements signed online and corresponding platform rules) or other legal documents;
  • With the development of Yofo Mutual Aid’s business, we and our affiliated companies may conduct mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers or other similar transactions. If the relevant transaction involves the transfer of your personal information, we will require companies, organizations and individuals that newly hold your personal information to continue to be bound by this policy, otherwise we will require the companies, organizations and individuals to obtain your authorization and consent again.
(3) Disclosure
When you apply for a mutual aid fund, we need to disclose your personal information in accordance with Section 2 of this Privacy Policy and publicize it on our platform to ensure the credibility of the mutual aid fund allocation. In addition, we will only publicly disclose your personal information under the following circumstances and under the premise of adopting industry-standard security measures: 1. According to your needs, disclose the personal information you specify in the disclosure method you have explicitly agreed to; 2. According to the requirements of laws and regulations, when your personal information must be provided for mandatory administrative law enforcement or judicial requirements, we may disclose your personal information according to the type of personal information required and the method of disclosure. Under the premise of complying with laws and regulations, when we receive the above request for information disclosure, we will require corresponding legal documents, such as subpoenas or verification letters. We firmly believe that we should be as transparent as the law allows about the information we are asked to provide. All requests are carefully vetted to ensure they have a lawful basis and are limited to data that law enforcement has a legal right to obtain for specific verification purposes.

6. How do we protect your personal information

We have adopted industry-standard security measures to protect the personal information you provide to prevent unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of data. We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to protect your personal information.

  • Yofo has set up a special person in charge of personal information protection, who is responsible for handling various matters related to Yofo related products and services that may involve users' personal information, as well as planning and formulating the company's privacy policy, reviewing the user agreement of each product, and supervising various the working principle and information processing mechanism of the product, etc.
  • We have carried out the grading evaluation of information security level protection, and our information system has been identified as meeting the requirements of the third level of information security level protection (protection at the level of information system of financial institutions), and the grading report has been reported to The public security organ has made a record. In accordance with the requirements of information security level protection, we have formulated the overall policy and security strategy for information security work, established a security management system covering the host, data, application, management and other levels, and set up the technical department as the functional department for information security management. The responsibilities, division of labor and skill requirements of each department and position in the safety management organization are clarified, and clear personnel recruitment and resignation management regulations have been formulated.
  • We will encrypt the transmission and storage of identifiable personal sensitive information to ensure the confidentiality of the data. Our application system provides functions such as identity authentication, user identification uniqueness check, login failure processing, and role-based access control. It uses the HTTPS security protocol for communication, and sets the maximum number of concurrent session connections, which can reduce the system service level to a predetermined level. The specified minimum value is detected and alarmed. We deploy an access control mechanism on the server side, adopt the principle of minimum sufficient authorization for staff who may have access to your personal information, and regularly check the list of access personnel and access records. Our server operating system and database system passwords have complex requirements. SSH security protocol is used for remote management, and the access rights of default accounts are strictly limited, and the default passwords are modified. The audit records are comprehensive and cover all users.
  • The server systems that we store users' personal information are all security-hardened operating systems. We conduct account audits and monitor server operations. If it is found that there is a server operating system with security issues announced externally, Yofo will upgrade the server security immediately to ensure the security of all server systems and applications of Yofo.
  • We regularly organize training on laws and regulations related to personal information protection for our staff to strengthen their awareness of user privacy protection.
  • We have formulated an emergency plan for information security incidents and allocated sufficient resources to ensure the implementation of the emergency plan. We conduct training and emergency drills on emergency plans every year. If our physical, technical or management protection measures are unfortunately damaged, we will promptly activate the emergency plan to prevent the expansion of the security incident, report it to the national competent authority in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, and take reasonable and effective methods such as notifications and announcements in a timely manner. You inform the basic situation of the security incident, possible impact, measures that have been taken or will be taken, etc.

7. Your right to manage personal information

During your use of Yofo, you can access and manage your personal information in the following ways:

(1) Access and correct your personal information

You can inquire and correct the information you provide, including your profile picture, nickname, etc., through the Yofo App, WhatsApp.

(2) Delete your personal information

You have the right to request Yofo to delete your personal information when the following situations occur:

  • We have collected your personal information without your explicit consent.
  • Our processing of your personal information violates the requirements of laws and regulations.
  • We violated the agreement with you to use and process your personal information.
  • You have canceled your Yofo account, uninstalled or no longer use our products or services.
  • We stop providing services to you.

You can contact us through the methods provided in Section 10 of this Privacy Policy to request deletion of your personal information, and we will reply within 15 working days. After we delete your personal information from the server, we may not delete the corresponding data from the backup system immediately, but we will delete the information when the backup is updated.

(3) Cancellation of your personal account

You can contact us to cancel your Yofo account through the contact information in Section 10 of this Privacy Policy. Please note that if you are using the products or services of Yofo, you cannot log out of the Yofo account. If you choose to log out of your Yofo account, your Yofo account will not be available and the relevant account information will be deleted, and you will not be able to log in to your Yofo account to enjoy the services of Yofo (but it will not affect your use available services and features).

After you cancel your account, we will stop providing you with the corresponding products or services, and delete or anonymize your personal information within 10 working days, except when laws and regulations require us to save relevant information.

8. Protection of personal information of minors

When minors use Yofo products or services, they need the consent and authorization of their guardians. We recommend that parents or guardians of minors read this Privacy Policy for them, and that minors seek the consent and guidance of their parents or guardians before submitting personal information. If you are the guardian of a minor, when you have questions about the personal information of the minor under your guardianship, you can contact us through the contact information in Section 10 of this Privacy Policy.

If we discover that we have collected personal information about minors without the prior consent of a verifiable parent or legal guardian, we will delete the relevant data as soon as legally required.

9. Scope of application, changes and revisions of the Privacy Policy

  1. As we stated in the preamble of this Privacy Policy, this Privacy Policy applies to Yofo products and services. You may jump to other products or services operated by our group companies through the links in the products of Yofo. These products or services may explain to you the collection and use of your personal information through their separate Privacy Policy and process accordingly Your Personal Information. The products or services of our group companies will provide comprehensive protection for your personal information in accordance with substantially the same standards as this privacy policy.

    It should be noted that this policy does not apply to services provided to you by other third parties. For example, the third-party services you link to through Yofo Mutual Aid, or the insurance products or health service products you purchase. We will do our best to urge them to protect your personal information in the process of cooperation with these third parties, but you understand that these services are provided to you independently by the third parties, and the third parties will separately treat your personal information in accordance with their privacy policies or user agreements. Responsibility for the processing of personal information.

    Our Privacy Policy is subject to change. We will not limit your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent.

    For major changes to this privacy policy, we will also provide prominent notices (for example, when the software is revised or upgraded, or when you log in again, you will be notified in a timely manner in the form of a pop-up window). You can also check the latest version of the privacy policy at any time through the Yofo Mutual Aid App, WhatsApp or the official website of Yofo Mutual Aid

    Major changes referred to in this policy include, but are not limited to:

    • Major changes have taken place in our service model. Such as the purpose of processing personal information, the type of processing personal information, the use of personal information, etc.
    • We have undergone major changes in aspects such as control rights. Such as changes in owners caused by mergers and acquisitions, etc.;
    • The main object of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure changes;
    • There are major changes in your right to participate in the processing of personal information and how to exercise it;
    • When our responsible department, contact information and complaint channels for handling personal information security change;
    • When the personal information security impact assessment report indicates that there is a high risk.

10. How to contact us

Yofo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the operating entity of Yofo Mutual Aid. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints about our privacy policy and the handling of your personal information, please send an email to privacy@yofo.com to get in touch with us.

Under normal circumstances, we will respond to your request within 15 working days.

11. Effectiveness of Privacy Policy

The update date of this privacy policy version is February 23, 2023, and will come into effect on February 23, 2023.