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Join India's first Mutual Aid Platform

Yofo brings innovation to protection through Community Risk Sharing. Community Risk Sharing is not a regulated insurance product but a contractual framework by which users protect each other.
Yofo CIP (Critical Illness Program)

Yofo SIP (Senior Critical Illness Program for age 60-70)

Mutual Aid for 65 Diseases**
Mutual Aid Rules

Joining conditions: 3 months child - 59 years old, in good health

Mutual assistance fee The maximum average share of each public announcement is expected to be 60 Rupees. (Drop Down the following points)

  1. If a member is unfortunately ill, those who meet the mutual aid conditions will be announced regularly.
  2. After the publicity is over, other members will share the mutual aid funds equally.
  3. Members of this mutual aid plan will share a maximum of 60 Rupees for each publicized mutual aid event.
  4. According to the estimated incidence probability, it is estimated that it will cost about 1800 INR maximum per year.

Management fee: 8% (Drop Down the following points)

  1. In order to ensure long-term stable operation, a small management fee is charged.
  2. It will be collected from the next month after joining the mutual aid plan.
  3. On the 1st of each month, the monthly management fee will be deducted from the member account balance.
  4. The management fee is used for the operating cost of the mutual aid plan, such as technology development, operation management, human resource allocation, etc.

Mutual aid qualification Account balance > 0 Rupees, it can be valid all the time ((Drop Down the following points)

  1. In order to enjoy the mutual aid qualification, the account balance of the member in this mutual aid plan must be > 0 INR.
  2. Regardless of any reason, once the account balance is equal to 0 INR, or cannot fully fulfill the obligation of sharing the donation once, it will be deemed that the member has voluntarily withdrawn from the mutual aid plan.
  3. After withdrawing, you will lose your mutual aid qualification and no longer have the right to apply for mutual aid.
  4. If you join again after quitting, you need to recalculate the 1-year observation period.

The observation period is 1 year i.e. 365days (to prevent joining with illness and ensure fairness)

  1. In order to prevent people who are already sick from joining or defrauding mutual funds, a 365-day observation period is set. Those who are sick during the observation period will not be given mutual assistance.
  2. This mutual aid plan only provides mutual aid for the first occurrence after joining the 365-day observation period and is diagnosed as the agreed major disease by a specialist doctor of a medical institution. The first occurrence is defined as the first occurrence of a precursor to a major disease or an abnormal physical condition, including symptoms and signs associated with a major disease.
  3. During the 365-day observation period, members still need to make donations according to the platform rules.