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Important Risk Factors For Yofo Users

  1. Yofo would like to inform that it’s a Mutual Protection platform one of its kind. It is not an Insurance and the amount you pay is not a Insurance Premium. Since the model is at a very nascent stage, we might have to increase/decrease the member contribution depending on number of platform user and number of claims platform gets. Yofo is committed to provide as much health/support as we can.
  2. Any member, prior to making contribution should should carefully evaluate whether this product is suitable for them considering one’s knowledge/experience and should know the risks associated with an initiative which is new in India. It is necessary that before members make any contribution, they should understand the following:
  3. In an event of less members and less accumulated funds with the platform, we may not be able to fully fund all the claims. Yofo nor the entity(ies), person(s) associated to it makes any representations, can make warranties, or guaranties whatsoever in this regard
  4. Social Protection or Mutual Aid is not an insurance and cannot be considered as an Insurance, Yofo will do everything in its power to make it much more efficient and cheap alternate to Insurance however there could be a potential loss if the platform doesn’t have sufficient members.
  5. Yofo encourages members to do their own evaluation of the products and the risk parameters and return expected compensations.
  6. Incomplete Information: Yofo intent to provide detailed analysis of all products listed on its platform along with Yofo’s assessment of different member criteria’s. However, the information shared thereon may not be complete and accurate. Initially, Yofo or Investor may not be able to obtain all information it would want regarding a particular opportunity, on a timely basis or at all but we will be very transparent with all the assets, liabilities and unprejudiced approach towards handling the claims and have a very experienced Jury for claim evaluations. Also, there may be some information related to Issuer or underlying security which may not be shared due to confidentiality which otherwise may have material adverse impact on Issuer. Yofo is not obligated to provide and may not provide all the information as required by the investor to take the monetary decision. It is possible that Yofo may not be aware on a timely basis of material adverse changes that have occurred with respect to the opportunities.
  7. Yofo is not liable, and you will not hold Yofo responsible for any delays, defaults, frauds, misrepresentations etc. on part of any counterparty(ies).
  8. Yofo is only a facilitator of this opportunity and does not guarantee any repayment or scheduled payment under any scenario.
  9. The aforesaid list of risk factors is not intended to be exhaustive, nor a comprehensive explanation of the risks involved.