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Simple Promise
No Tricks
No Hidden Exclusions

  • Yofo reports how many claims there are every month
  • I'm not told if there are zero or many claims
  • Yofo reports how many claims are accepted and how many are rejected every month
  • I'm never told if other claims are accepted or rejected, I will only know it too late when I face difficulties myself
  • Yofo reports to me the major causes for claims rejection every month (and I can vote to change it)
  • I do not hear about what claims are rejected and why before it happens to me (and I can't do anything about it)

At Yofo, we believe people have the right to know exactly what is happening in their communities.

You may read the details of our reports every month or not and that's fine. What is important is that you know it is always available. If this month you're not checking yourself, another member will do it. This is the strength of a community, people can take turns, in an organized or random way, they can support each other, alert each other, ensure the business is run in the real interest of the community. And for us that is what we want, this is what we believe in, this is why we created Yofo.

We want to be the most transparent service, offering the most transparent, fair and honest customer experience anyone can find to members of Yofo communities.

Yofo brings innovation to protection through Community Risk Sharing. Community Risk Sharing is not a regulated insurance product but a contractual framework by which users protect each other.